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Grow your wealth fast in a slow market with Income 19

Make More From Your Capital with Income 19

Download our comprehensive investment factsheet for everything you need to know.

18.3% p.a.¹ average return with consistent weekly income

Download our comprehensive investment factsheet for everything you need to know.

Make more from your capital with Income 19

Download our comprehensive investment factsheet for everything you need to know.

Stellar performance

When the market is flat and interest rates are low, opportunities for strong performance and consistent returns are scarce. But Capital 19 is bucking the trend. Our proprietary investment solution, Income 19, gives you access to a simple strategy delivering outstanding performance and consistently high income.

We launched Income 19 over five years ago, since then our clients have enjoyed:

Performance in action

Is Income 19 the perfect investment? We think so. Not only has it vastly outperformed both the US and Australian stock markets over the past five years, it has done so with amazing consistency, registering only three losing months since inception.¹

The chart below shows how a real account has performed against the Australian and US stock indexes since July 2012.²

Source: Interactive Brokers

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The secret of our investment success?

The secret of our success is an investment product called put options. Option strategies are a proven way to deliver higher risk adjusted returns relative to standard share portfolios³ And with Income 19, all the hard work is done for you. Our expert team crunches the numbers on all put options available over the S&P500 and picks the trade with a high probability of success. You’ll receive this trade information weekly and can choose whether you want to take the trade or not.

Better still, this information is available free of charge to all clients of Capital 19.

Benefits of investing

You’re in control

Every week it’s up to you whether you take the trade we recommend, so you’re always in control of your account, your money and your investment journey. And you can increase your capital investment, withdraw funds or opt out of the strategy at any time. 

Invest the easy way

Making a trade couldn’t be easier. Just reply to our weekly strategy email or call your Capital 19 adviser. You’ll also get full reporting and end-of-year tax statements that will make your accountant happy.

Service and advice when you need it

Income 19 is easy to use but if you have questions or concerns, your dedicated account adviser is just a phone call away. We’re committed to going the extra mile and exceeding expectations with our standards of service and advice.

How Income 19 works

Every week our experts analyse put options available over the S&P500. Based on their findings they’ll choose which put options to sell, at a strike price they expect the market to exceed. Essentially, they do the hard work for you and then you get to choose whether to invest.

  • 1.

    We send you a weekly email with our recommended put option

  • 2.

    To make a trade simply reply ‘yes’

  • 3.

    Each time you sell a put option, income goes into your account

  • 4.

    When the market finishes above this strike price, the trade makes a profit

Invest just $10,000 to make your first trade. You can then scale up your investment at any time to take further advantage of the Income 19 strategy.

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Key risks to be aware of

Market risk

We consider this to be a high risk strategy. You will experience losses if the index finishes below the strike level of the sold put option and a significant fall could result in 100% loss of funds committed to the trade.

Leverage risk

The use of leverage can enhance investment performance but introduces the risk of losing a larger proportion of your capital or equity. Use of leverage can result in higher volatility in net asset values.

FX risk

We trade on a US exchange, so all profits and losses are in USD. Your actual profits and losses will change according to the current exchange rate when you choose to convert your balance into AUD. There is no FX risk on the capital you’re using to trade as you’re not required to change your AUD into USD to make the transaction.

Margin risk

Selling put options requires you to have enough funds in your account to cover the trade margin. If your account balance drops below the required maintenance margin, you will experience a margin call – automatic liquidation of some or all of your positions.

Global investment specialists

Capital 19 is an expert in trading global stocks and options with a focus on the US, the largest and most liquid equity market in the world.

Since 2007 Capital 19 clients have enjoyed a world of investment opportunities, fully supported by our expertise and capability in trading stocks and options. Today our clients trust us with over $100 million of their assets.

Why be limited to investing only in Australia? Join the global investing community today and benefit from what the rest of the world has to offer.

Invest with us and make more from your capital.

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¹ As at June 2017
² Performance based on an initial investment of $100,000 and assumes an investor has participated in all recommended trades over the time period. Includes the cost of trade commissions and foreign exchange rate impacts
³ An Encyclopaedia of Australian Buy-Write Returns

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